The chair, a versatile, playful piece

Whether enjoying a cup of coffee, having breakfast or sitting around the table with some close friends or your family, you are staying on a chair. And for being relaxed you need a comfortable chair. After all, those long talks with the family require you sitting cosy. And even when you are zipping from the warm coffee mug you should be staying comfy. No matter what, you need restful chairs for the kitchen and the dining area.

Some comfortable and chic chairs are easy to find with Required Goods. Continue reading

An edgy furniture item for visual impact

One difficult task for those who do not want to blend in is to choose a not so common colour palette, interesting shapes for the furniture, choose accessories with unusual forms or simply decide to mix and match furniture pieces that others would not think to put together.

When decorating a room you don’t need to complicate yourself with finding conspicuous furniture. Sometimes, in order to make a statement, all you need is to have one centerpiece which is eye catching and changes the aspect of a certain space. For doing that, you can decide to place an unconventional piece of furniture in the center of the room.

You can also obtain visual impact by choosing furniture in fashion crafted out of materials such as glass or marble, by choosing colourful items or edgy design. It doesn’t have to be expensive, you don’t need to furnish your entire home or office with furniture that assaults your eyes and you need to keep it simple. One original, edgy piece is more than enough to transform the appearance of the place.

My opinion is that one clever solution is to place a nice, interesting shaped coffee table in the living room or the hallway or the office. My preferred choice from furniture in fashion is this modern, with clean lines and warm colours. It definitely makes a visual impact and will transform the aesthetics of the space. The design is simple and contemporary, the marble stone provides it with beauty, strength and elegance and the patterns are chic and stylish:

Marble Coffee Table - Furniture in Fashion

Marble Coffee Table – Furniture in Fashion

You can find this marvelous item at Furniture in Fashion, and you can also browse through their products to find something more representative for you and your home or office place.

Depending on the room you want to decorate, the colours you like and the design you opt for, you can pick a certain piece which will add just the right amount of style and a personal touch to any room. Don’t go over the top, keeping it simple is the best way to obtain an outstanding result.

An easy way to choose could be by taking a picture of the room you want to add an edgy touch to and rather search online by placing the item you want to buy in your picture or take the picture with you if you decide to visit furniture stores. This way you will have the general view of the a possible final result.

No matter what you choose, remember that you don’t need to exaggerate, otherwise you might get the opposite result of what you would want.

Luckily for us, we live in a time where you can choose from a variety of styles and designs, colours and patterns and last but not least, from a variety of materials. We can mix and match furniture as we please to obtain a splendid result, whether we decorate our homes or our offices.

Decoration challenges for a small place – RequiredGoods

Are you having problems in decorating or occupying an empty wall so that you can fully utilize the space and also create a personal spot at home? You are not the only one. I have been beating my brain out trying to find the perfect piece of furniture for a small hallway I have in my house.

In an effort to organize some books and turning my hall into a comfy spot for coffee and relaxation I decided to purchase a lovely bookcase and a tiny coffee table and I already have an antique small armchair that fits the place perfectly. I can just imagine myself reading and enjoying the savor of the hot drink in a lazy cold afternoon.

After a brief search online I came across a website that provides nice furniture for all tastes and budgets, RequiredGoods. I love the internet, don’t you? One can find anything they need and search for information on the items he or she is on the verge to purchase. Me, I decided to buy some solid oak furniture and I found out that is one of the sturdiest woods and materials that can be used to craft furniture from. Solid oak is also easily maintained and I realized that I simply adore its aspect and I am convinced that solid oak furniture will transform the appearance of my small hallway.

Below are some inspiring pictures that got me into the idea of a book corner.

corner shelf unit

corner shelves

Minimalist Reading Space Ideas At The Corner Small Homemade Bookshelves

stepping up bookshelf storage ideas

I have decided, I am placing the order tomorrow and can’t wait to have the coffee table and the amazing bookcase delivered at home, I have the perfect neighbor that will help me put together the furniture and then my tiny, cozy, charming relaxation spot will be ready to be used.

Project bedroom: making a dream come true

Growing up, I have always been impressed by furniture stores. I would see an 18th century sofa and imagine myself being painted by William Blake. Or would stare at a mahogany desk and visualize personalities throughout the history making difficult and great decisions behind such imposing pieces of furniture.



But back to real life, I am now on a hunt for furnishing my home bedroom. As my husband decided I will be responsible for the research I am scrolling down pages on the internet looking for a design to fit my wishes and that will also bring warmth and comfort to the room. So, I am looking at modern furniture and classical furniture but all the times, my eyes are being caught by the classical one as it brings up memories of my childhood dreams.



I must say, searching for the perfect bed, wardrobes, night stands and all the accessories is an energy and time consuming business. After measuring, thinking and overthinking I realized that the best thing to do is getting fitted wardrobes and fitted furniture as it would be the easiest way to have the dream like bedroom and make the most of the space we have there. There are plenty of companies to choose from but Capital Bedrooms caught my eye, I am impressed with the work they have done and also, getting a designer in to advise us without any fee sounds great. I can’t wait to see what ideas the designer will come with and see our bedroom furnished.

bedroom project


Taking on projects like this is a remarkable experience and being involved in the process offers you a feeling of fulfillment that you helped designing and creating a special place in your home, which will only make it love it more.


How to transform your home with fitted furniture

It is a common fact known by almost any house owner that if the fitted furniture you have is tasteful it will be like a bonus for the people living in that house. In general CapitalBedrooms fitted wardrobes could be seen as a bit old fashioned and the removal if ever required of one needs to be taken in consideration before deciding to install one but lately fitted furniture has made a comeback thanks to more modern designs and new building material now available.


Also, when taking the decision to install any type of fitted furniture inside your house weigh in the possibility of you moving out and leaving the furniture behind because it won’t fit anywhere else.

If there is a strong possibility of this happening then think twice before buying, but if you don’t feel free to continue with your dream of having a fitted wardrobe.

What type of fitted furniture to choose

If done properly, probably the simple floor to ceiling ones have the best look. They are stylish and the new storage space it offers will never be matched by freestanding furniture. This “floor to ceiling” nature is a contemporary option as they swallow clobber.


One of the greatest advantages of fitted furniture is that they’ll help you avoid messy rooms with a piece of clothing on the chair and a sock on the other chair. The room will always look tidy as a fitted wardrobe will be able to hold everything inside.



You’ll say, but hey in a few years I’ll be sick of the colours my furniture has. Well don’t worry because MDF built fitted furniture can be repainted with new colours to suit your new taste or the new wall colour, so no worries there!

Most people will take storage over style, and I can count myself here too as I am a complete storage geek, so fitted furniture could be a great solution for you as well if you are obsessed with storage space.

How does fitted furniture affect the pricing of the house?

For starters, I have never heard of a house having its value reduced because it had fitted furniture. On the contrary, it can give the house a “unique” feeling, like something that only you have it in that way. It can actually be considered a plus when selling as it can give the potential buyer a unique feeling that it may not encounter in another house on the same street.

Conclusion will allow you to make use of every extra inch in your house and transform it into a storage place. There is a small corner in the hallway? Build a fitted wardrobe there.


Do you have empty room under the stairs? Fill that up with your shoes and keep the house clean by installing some sliding doors. They can be very stylish and easy to open.

So if you care about storage space you can surely turn to fitted furniture. It will make your house look more clean by being able to bury those extra coats behind a sliding door and you find your home looking bigger.

Thornhill Galleries – Antique chimneypieces

Thornhill Galleries is a supplier of bespoke antique fireplaces that earned a reputation of quality built antique chimneypieces, antique wood fireplaces, stone antique fireplaces, antique marble fireplaces, antique fireplace mantels, antique chimneypieces, fireplace accessories, antique firedogs, antique fire tools, bespoke club fenders and many more with exceptional service over the years. If you already own an old fireplace and want it to look new again rest assured as Thornhill Galleries also provides full Continue reading

WoodDir web directory

Wood Dir does a great job in filtering all the useless websites listed on other UK directories and lists only respectful and fitted furniture companies based in Britain that have a good reputation and a solid background in delivering high quality fitted furniture to customers across the years. Jus to put it in other words fitted furniture companies that are making no compromises the same as Wood Dir doesn’t make any compromises when accepting new listings.

Fitted wardrobes in London

Fitted wardrobes in London is a fitted kitchens and fitted wardrobes manufacturer based in London. All their manufacturing processes are carefully being monitored as quality is a key part of this company’s philosophy. They always deliver on time as per their promise and the finish product will most surely look like it came out of a magazine.

Directory of home and furniture
independent guide and UK web directory of high quality websites and businesses RELATED TO FURNITURE.
Qapproved was founded in 2010 by a former employee of Yahoo!. With a great idea in mind and with all the available resources the new projects has started.

A lovely home
A blog about furniture and home design and décor. Fitted furniture has become extremely popular in London and the whole of the UK. The market has therefore grown significantly to meet customer’s high expectations. All the companies promise best quality and best installation – but what is there that you really need to know? Check to find out everything about this subject.

Bedroom Fitted Wardrobes in London

Bedroom Fitted Wardrobes in London
Capital Bedrooms and Kitchens is a London based manufacturer of high quality fitted wardrobes and bedroom furniture. Capital has a vast selection of colours, door styles and components to choose from, and they only use good quality, solid materials. Capital’s team of experienced designers can always come up with smart solutions and functional layout for any room, no matter what its size or shape is, and their in-house fitters are fully qualified and well prepared to install even most bespoke and awkward wardrobes. The company is confident about their product, therefore every piece of furniture by Capital Bedrooms and Kitchens is subject to a 10 years guarantee.

Fitted Kitchen Wardrobes

Fitted Kitchen Wardrobes
Capital Bedrooms and Kitchens is a family run business based in Perivale, London. The company specializes in all types of fitted furniture for any home area. Be it a fitted sliding door wardrobe, fitted kitchen, bespoke TV unit or functional, made to measure home office units – Capital will provide their customers with a high spec product within maximum three weeks. Their friendly team is always there to answer all the questions that the customers may have throughout the process – from home visit, through manufacturing to the installation.

Cheap Fitted Wardrobes

Cheap Fitted Wardrobes
Capital Bedrooms is a well established, London based company which have been manufacturing bespoke, made to measure, fitted furniture for over 20 years. They can make a design for a walk in wardrobe, a contemporary or traditional kitchen, a home office and many more: at Capital Bedrooms any design is possible and, what is more, affordable.

Taurus Fitted Bedrooms

Taurus Fitted Bedrooms
Taurus Fitted Bedrooms is a company based in Bolton, Greater Manchester. The company manufactures fitted, made to measure furniture for all home areas as well as specialist healthcare furniture.
All piece of furniture made by Taurus is of a good quality and built to last. Their customers can choose from an extensive range of styles and designs; customers can also request a free brochure before seeing one of company’s designers to look for some inspirations and ideas.

Harmony Interiors

Harmony Interiors
Harmony Interiors are a furniture company based in Derby, covering the whole of East Midlands area, with over 35 years of experience. They specialise mainly in fitted furniture for bedrooms and home offices, however they are always happy to work on other made to measure projects. Harmony has a wide range of fitted wardrobe style and finishes to choose from and their impressive showroom gives a great idea of the quality of their products.

KKS Fitted Bedrooms

KKS Fitted Bedrooms
KKS is a company based in Leeds. They offer both supply and fit services and supply only. The company specialises in fitted sliding door wardrobes, fitted bedrooms and home offices.
If you are unsure of what you want, their website is of a great help as they display all the ranges available together with colour samples, give clear technical instructions to answer any questions you may have and provide approximate prices.


floor dThe main difference between solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring is the composition of the wood panels. Solid wood is wood cut from a tree and then cut to size into flooring panel dimensions, while engineered wood flooring is composed of several layers of wood pressed and glued together to the desired thickness and then cut to the specified dimensions.

Solid Wood Flooring

Solid Wood is made from a single piece of wood which is typically 18 – 20mm in thickness. Solid Wood floors can give you years of service and pleasure, with different width sizes, boards, lengths and finishes. It can also be sanded back to Continue reading

Fitted Kitchens – New Kitchen Designs | Betta Living UK

Fitted Kitchens – New Kitchen Designs | Betta Living UK
Discover the fantastic range of fitted kitchens at Betta Living. Choose from our range of contemporary kitchens, designers kitchens & bespoke fitted kitchen. ur fitted kitchens can revolutionise the way you use your kitchen, giving you adequate storage and making the most of your space. With an extensive range of fitted kitchen designs, we’re sure to have the perfect kitchen for you and your family.

What is a Fitted Wardrobe & How is the Installation Executed?

What is a Fitted Wardrobe?

Hello my beloved readers. I hope you all have a fantastic day. Today we are going to talk about fitted wardrobes.

When we talk about wardrobes then the general image the one conjures is of a big size wooden box of rich texture, accompanied with stylishly designed handles or knobs comes into our mind.

However, with the passage of time, the utility value as well as the overall design of the wardrobes has changed too. Nowadays, people living in apartments or duplexes usually have to deal with the issue of space crunch. Fortunately, a new kind of wardrobe has emerged lately in the world of furniture which can add ultimate style without compromising on space in your house or office. Well, we are talking about fitted wardrobes. This kind of tailor-made wardrobe takes very less space and offer more value for money at the same time. In addition, the fitted wardrobes also add tons to beauty to your living room.

Next I prepared some high resolution photos of some very nice designed fitted wardrobes. The photos are copyrighted to Capital Bedrooms and Kitchens Ltd. – fitted wardrobes

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