How Much Should I Pay for Fitted Wardrobes?

Most people can generally agree that having a home that is fully furnished is something to strive for. With that being said, when you first move into a new home, you might find that it is a little bit more troublesome to try and find the furnishings that work within your budget and with the amount of space you have in the new home. If you have an idea of what you want done for your wardrobe, but you are unable to find a replica of the idea you had in mind, then you may want to consider the idea of having a professional company create the wardrobe for you. If you have never ordered bespoke wardrobes before, you may not know what to expect or what to look for. Knowing what your price range should be will help you immensely in deciding where you get your wardrobe made.

Knowing the Price Range

First things first, you are going to want to have a good idea of the range of prices you are working with for your cheap fitted wardrobes in Hertfordshire. For a well-made wardrobe that doesn’t skimp too much on quality, but may have cut a few corners in development for the sake of saving you money, you can usually expect to pay between 2,000 and 2,5000 pounds for your bespoke wardrobe. A wardrobe that is very simple and plain is going to be on the lower end of the price range, although bespoke wardrobes in Hertfordshire that are more complicated are going to be far beyond the high cap of prices. The intricacy of your design, the size of the wardrobe, and similar components are all going to play a large role in determining just how expensive your wardrobe is going to be.

Where Can You Purchase a Wardrobe?

Once you have a good idea of exactly how much your new wardrobe is going to cost you, you can begin saving the money for it so that you can eventually make the purchase. When the time comes that you are ready to purchase and customise your brand-new wardrobe, you may not know the best place to go or where you should begin looking. More often than not, is going to have a number of options that you can choose from when you are ready to pick out your next cheap fitted wardrobes in Hertfordshire. Before you know it, you will have the perfect wardrobe in your home to hold all of your clothes, and because of the bespoke design, you can expect that it will fit into your house well.

Project bedroom: making a dream come true

Growing up, I have always been impressed by furniture stores. I would see an 18th century sofa and imagine myself being painted by William Blake. Or would stare at a mahogany desk and visualize personalities throughout the history making difficult and great decisions behind such imposing pieces of furniture.



But back to real life, I am now on a hunt for furnishing my home bedroom. As my husband decided I will be responsible for the research I am scrolling down pages on the internet looking for a design to fit my wishes and that will also bring warmth and comfort to the room. So, I am looking at modern furniture and classical furniture but all the times, my eyes are being caught by the classical one as it brings up memories of my childhood dreams.



I must say, searching for the perfect bedroom wardrobes, night stands and all the accessories is an energy and time consuming business. After measuring, thinking and overthinking I realized that the best thing to do is getting fitted wardrobes and fitted furniture as it would be the easiest way to have the dream like bedroom and make the most of the space we have there. There are plenty of wardrobe manufacturing companies to choose from but Capital Bedrooms caught my eye, I am impressed with the work they have done and also, getting a designer in to advise us without any fee sounds great. I can’t wait to see what ideas the designer will come with and see our bedroom furnished.

bedroom project


Taking on projects like this is a remarkable experience and being involved in the process offers you a feeling of fulfillment that you helped designing and creating a special place in your home, which will only make it love it more.


Bedroom Fitted Wardrobes in London

Bedroom Fitted Wardrobes in London
Capital Bedrooms and Kitchens is a London based manufacturer of high quality fitted wardrobes and bedroom furniture. Capital has a vast selection of colours, door styles and components to choose from, and they only use good quality, solid materials. Capital’s team of experienced designers can always come up with smart solutions and functional layout for any room, no matter what its size or shape is, and their in-house fitters are fully qualified and well prepared to install even most bespoke and awkward wardrobes. The company is confident about their product, therefore every piece of furniture by Capital Bedrooms and Kitchens is subject to a 10 years guarantee.

Taurus Fitted Bedrooms

Taurus Fitted Bedrooms
Taurus Fitted Bedrooms is a company based in Bolton, Greater Manchester. The company manufactures fitted, made to measure furniture for all home areas as well as specialist healthcare furniture.
All piece of furniture made by Taurus is of a good quality and built to last. Their customers can choose from an extensive range of styles and designs; customers can also request a free brochure before seeing one of company’s designers to look for some inspirations and ideas.

Harmony Interiors

Harmony Interiors
Harmony Interiors are a furniture company based in Derby, covering the whole of East Midlands area, with over 35 years of experience. They specialise mainly in fitted furniture for bedrooms and home offices, however they are always happy to work on other made to measure projects. Harmony has a wide range of fitted wardrobe style and finishes to choose from and their impressive showroom gives a great idea of the quality of their products.

KKS Fitted Bedrooms

KKS Fitted Bedrooms
KKS is a company based in Leeds. They offer both supply and fit services and supply only. The company specialises in fitted sliding door wardrobes, fitted bedrooms and home offices.
If you are unsure of what you want, their website is of a great help as they display all the ranges available together with colour samples, give clear technical instructions to answer any questions you may have and provide approximate prices.

What is a Fitted Wardrobe & How is the Installation Executed?

What is a Fitted Wardrobe?

Hello my beloved readers. I hope you all have a fantastic day. Today we are going to talk about fitted wardrobes.

When we talk about bespoke bedrooms wardrobes then the general image the one conjures is of a big size wooden box of rich texture, accompanied with stylishly designed handles or knobs comes into our mind.

However, with the passage of time, the utility value as well as the overall design of the wardrobes has changed too. Nowadays, people living in apartments or duplexes usually have to deal with the issue of space crunch. Fortunately, a new kind of wardrobe has emerged lately in the world of furniture which can add ultimate style without compromising on space in your house or office. Well, we are talking about fitted wardrobes. This kind of tailor-made wardrobe takes very less space and offer more value for money at the same time. In addition, the fitted wardrobes also add tons to beauty to your living room.

Next I prepared some high resolution photos of some very nice designed fitted wardrobes. The photos are copyrighted to Capital Bedrooms and Kitchens Ltd. – fitted wardrobes

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Trends of fitted wardrobes in 2014

Hello my dear friends. In this post I will show you some fresh photos of bespoke wardrobes presenting this year latest trends in fitted furniture. All of this is possible with the courtesy of Capital Bedrooms and Kitchens, a family run business from London that recorded record sales and success by offering honest advices about everything one needs to know fitted wardrobes, especially about the importance of the quality of the metal accessories.

capitals-fitted-wardrobes-20147 capitals-fitted-wardrobes- (2) capitals-fitted-wardrobes- capitals-fitted-wardrobes-2 capitals-fitted-wardrobes-8 capitals-fitted-wardrobes-21 capitals-fitted-wardrobes-34t capitals-fitted-wardrobes-143 capitals-fitted-wardrobes-df fitted-wardrobes-24 capitals-fitted-wardrobes-sdfg0 capitals-fitted-wardrobes-rt

Galleries of walk in wardrobes

Walk-in wardrobes. We all love’em. what can be better than to enter in your dream room of clothes? Maybe entering a clothes shop. I hand picked some photos of nice walk-in wardrobes made to measure.

Walkin wardrobe Walkin wardrobe fitted wardrobes 6 M079 fitted wardrobes 9 fitted wardrobes 14 fitted wardrobes 16 fitted wardrobes 18 fitted wardrobes 19


All the above photos of fitted wardrobes belong and have their copyrights belonging to a UK manufacturer of furniture named Capital Bedrooms and Kitchens Ltd. and the website where I found the photos is

With a huge range of furniture materials, finishes and accessories, Capital Bedrooms claim to be a one stop shop for fitted furniture in London. Based in Perivale, this customer oriented company claims that can deliver high quality bespoke bedrooms and kitchens in very short time. This is possible due to consolidation of the business elements at single premises.