floor dThe main difference between solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring is the composition of the wood panels. Solid wood is wood cut from a tree and then cut to size into flooring panel dimensions, while engineered wood flooring is composed of several layers of wood pressed and glued together to the desired thickness and then cut to the specified dimensions.

Solid Wood Flooring

Solid Wood is made from a single piece of wood which is typically 18 – 20mm in thickness. Solid Wood floors can give you years of service and pleasure, with different width sizes, boards, lengths and finishes. It can also be sanded back to Continue reading

Fitted Kitchens – New Kitchen Designs | Betta Living UK

Fitted Kitchens – New Kitchen Designs | Betta Living UK
Discover the fantastic range of fitted kitchens at Betta Living. Choose from our range of contemporary kitchens, designers kitchens & bespoke fitted kitchen. ur fitted kitchens can revolutionise the way you use your kitchen, giving you adequate storage and making the most of your space. With an extensive range of fitted kitchen designs, we’re sure to have the perfect kitchen for you and your family.

What is a Fitted Wardrobe & How is the Installation Executed?

What is a Fitted Wardrobe?

Hello my beloved readers. I hope you all have a fantastic day. Today we are going to talk about fitted wardrobes.

When we talk about bespoke bedrooms wardrobes then the general image the one conjures is of a big size wooden box of rich texture, accompanied with stylishly designed handles or knobs comes into our mind.

However, with the passage of time, the utility value as well as the overall design of the wardrobes has changed too. Nowadays, people living in apartments or duplexes usually have to deal with the issue of space crunch. Fortunately, a new kind of wardrobe has emerged lately in the world of furniture which can add ultimate style without compromising on space in your house or office. Well, we are talking about fitted wardrobes. This kind of tailor-made wardrobe takes very less space and offer more value for money at the same time. In addition, the fitted wardrobes also add tons to beauty to your living room.

Next I prepared some high resolution photos of some very nice designed fitted wardrobes. The photos are copyrighted to Capital Bedrooms and Kitchens Ltd. – fitted wardrobes

7 8 Continue reading

Magnet: Fitted Kitchens | 50% off cabinets

Magnet: Fitted Kitchens are suppliers of fitted kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and home office furniture. Included ideas, help and a price guide. We look deeper at everything so that you can maximise the potential in your kitchen. Whether it’s new ranges or clever innovations, they’re all designed to help you make the most of the space. That cupboard? Look again. Extra space for you to entertain. That storage space? Extra worktop to use when you want it. Not to mention unique display options, so your guests get to look again at you, as much as your new kitchen.

Trends of fitted wardrobes in 2014

Hello my dear friends. In this post I will show you some fresh photos of bespoke wardrobes presenting this year latest trends in fitted furniture. All of this is possible with the courtesy of Capital Bedrooms and Kitchens, a family run business from London that recorded record sales and success by offering honest advices about everything one needs to know fitted wardrobes, especially about the importance of the quality of the metal accessories.

capitals-fitted-wardrobes-20147 capitals-fitted-wardrobes- (2) capitals-fitted-wardrobes- capitals-fitted-wardrobes-2 capitals-fitted-wardrobes-8 capitals-fitted-wardrobes-21 capitals-fitted-wardrobes-34t capitals-fitted-wardrobes-143 capitals-fitted-wardrobes-df fitted-wardrobes-24 capitals-fitted-wardrobes-sdfg0 capitals-fitted-wardrobes-rt

A designer of blinds in London

Photos of motorised blinds.

14 (1)blinds motorised in ukDining-ShadesimagesCreated by Readiris, Copyright IRIS 2007motorised blindsmotorised roller1roller-blindsshades blinds

Source of photos: appears to be a very renowned manufacturer and designer of motorised blinds in London. It offers excellent services to residential and commercial clients as well as interior designers. According to their website their main focus is paying attention to the requirements of the clients which helps them in providing efficient services. Next, I added some photos of their motorised blinds installations made across the UK.

Galleries of walk in wardrobes

Walk-in wardrobes. We all love’em. what can be better than to enter in your dream room of clothes? Maybe entering a clothes shop. I hand picked some photos of nice walk-in wardrobes made to measure.

Walkin wardrobe Walkin wardrobe fitted wardrobes 6 M079 fitted wardrobes 9 fitted wardrobes 14 fitted wardrobes 16 fitted wardrobes 18 fitted wardrobes 19


All the above photos of fitted wardrobes belong and have their copyrights belonging to a UK manufacturer of furniture named Capital Bedrooms and Kitchens Ltd. and the website where I found the photos is

With a huge range of furniture materials, finishes and accessories, Capital Bedrooms claim to be a one stop shop for fitted furniture in London. Based in Perivale, this customer oriented company claims that can deliver high quality bespoke bedrooms and kitchens in very short time. This is possible due to consolidation of the business elements at single premises.

Bespoke fireplaces

Hello again my beloved readers. I made a gallery with the most interesting bespoke fireplaces and stoves I’ve ever seen this summer. Some of these fireplaces are genuinely made from rock, others are just stone plated.

2 fante simetrice si lumanari pe platoul de sus de la semineu 5_semineu 09-fireplace-hearth 15_semineu 17_semineu 18 29 amazing-fireplace cu tablou deasupra-1 fireplace drept fireplace fain (1) Fireplace Mantel asa da dar drept apan sus fireplace stone 2 Fireplace fireplace_lg Fireplace_std fireplace2 fireplace-am-granite Modern-fireplace-design-for-brick-living-room phx00sfireplace Rusty-Slate-Fireplace-2-682x1024 seminee-ecologice-info101 Semineu_exterior Semineu_panel_mediteran Fireplace Mantel asa da dar drept apan sus asa ceva da 09-fireplace-hearth 3333643_f260 5 amazing-fireplace 3_semineu 2 fante simetrice si lumanari pe platoul de sus de la semineu


I found Thornhill Galleries, a supplier of bespoke antique fireplaces that earned a reputation of quality built antique chimneypieces, antique wood fireplaces, antique stone fireplaces, antique marble fireplaces, antique fireplace mantels, antique chimneypieces, fireplace accessories, antique firedogs, antique fire tools, bespoke club fenders and many more with exceptional service over the years.antique fireplaces

Home improvement and interior design photos

I like interior designing. As a matter of fact I like everything that is beautiful and colour-assorted. For this post I prepared some photos of real home-improvement jobs from different websites I found. Some of these photos represent bespoke furniture jobs done in UK and other custom furnishings and even custom blinds.

1-960x500 2014-06-13-10 2014-06-13-15 2014-06-13-30 A-contemporary-fitted-kitchen-with-white-coarse-worktop-and-exotic-black-ash-panels-1024x682 fitted-bedrooms-1 fitted-bedrooms-children-1 2 fante simetrice si lumanari pe platoul de sus de la semineu 3_semineu 5 09-fireplace-hearth 3333643_f260 amazing-fireplace asa ceva da Fireplace Mantel asa da dar drept apan sus