Decoration challenges for a small place – RequiredGoods

Are you having problems in decorating or occupying an empty wall so that you can fully utilize the space and also create a personal spot at home? You are not the only one. I have been beating my brain out trying to find the perfect piece of furniture for a small hallway I have in my house.

In an effort to organize some books and turning my hall into a comfy spot for coffee and relaxation I decided to purchase a lovely bookcase and a tiny coffee table and I already have an antique small armchair that fits the place perfectly. I can just imagine myself reading and enjoying the savor of the hot drink in a lazy cold afternoon.

After a brief search online I came across a website that provides nice furniture for all tastes and budgets, RequiredGoods. I love the internet, don’t you? One can find anything they need and search for information on the items he or she is on the verge to purchase. Me, I decided to buy some solid oak furniture and I found out that is one of the sturdiest woods and materials that can be used to craft furniture from. Solid oak is also easily maintained and I realized that I simply adore its aspect and I am convinced that solid oak furniture will transform the appearance of my small hallway.

Below are some inspiring pictures that got me into the idea of a book corner.

corner shelf unit

corner shelves

Minimalist Reading Space Ideas At The Corner Small Homemade Bookshelves

stepping up bookshelf storage ideas

I have decided, I am placing the order tomorrow and can’t wait to have the coffee table and the amazing bookcase delivered at home, I have the perfect neighbor that will help me put together the furniture and then my tiny, cozy, charming relaxation spot will be ready to be used.