Project bedroom: making a dream come true

Growing up, I have always been impressed by furniture stores. I would see an 18th century sofa and imagine myself being painted by William Blake. Or would stare at a mahogany desk and visualize personalities throughout the history making difficult and great decisions behind such imposing pieces of furniture.



But back to real life, I am now on a hunt for furnishing my home bedroom. As my husband decided I will be responsible for the research I am scrolling down pages on the internet looking for a design to fit my wishes and that will also bring warmth and comfort to the room. So, I am looking at modern furniture and classical furniture but all the times, my eyes are being caught by the classical one as it brings up memories of my childhood dreams.



I must say, searching for the perfect bedroom wardrobes, night stands and all the accessories is an energy and time consuming business. After measuring, thinking and overthinking I realized that the best thing to do is getting fitted wardrobes and fitted furniture as it would be the easiest way to have the dream like bedroom and make the most of the space we have there. There are plenty of wardrobe manufacturing companies to choose from but Capital Bedrooms caught my eye, I am impressed with the work they have done and also, getting a designer in to advise us without any fee sounds great. I can’t wait to see what ideas the designer will come with and see our bedroom furnished.

bedroom project


Taking on projects like this is a remarkable experience and being involved in the process offers you a feeling of fulfillment that you helped designing and creating a special place in your home, which will only make it love it more.